Is It Possible for Me to Be a Single Mother - Lucy BBN

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Is It Possible for Me to Be a Single Mother - Lucy BBN


Apparently, Lucy Edet, who was a former Big Brother Naija housemate, is no longer interested in marrying a man she met on the show.

Lucy said in an interview with Saturday Beats that she is no longer thrilled about marriage because she is more concerned about connecting with and living happily with the right person, and that she may never be able to settle down until that occurs.

"I will be 32 years old in April," the reality star said. My mother has come to the conclusion that marriage may not be the best option for me since I have been quite adamant about it (marriage). Perhaps I will settle with having a kid. The other day, my mother advised me that I should simply have a kid, and I scoffed at her suggestion.

"I'm not interested in being pressured into marriage because I'm more concerned with connecting with and living happily with the right person." I don't believe I'll be able to settle down until I'm able to create my life around that particular individual.

"If I felt compelled to get married, I could have done so because I used to be crazy about marriage; however, that is no longer the case."

"People should leave me alone because it is my age and my choice," Lucy, who has been accused of trying to seem younger, added. I believe that society is to blame for this, since many individuals decrease their ages in order to get employment or to be accepted by the general population. That, on the other hand, has never made any sense to me. I've always stayed true to my chronological age.

"I don't understand why someone else's opinions of me should bother me." As long as you are expressing the truth, I will not be offended by your statements. In contrast, I have a problem with individuals fabricating tales. "I've heard a lot of things about myself that have surprised me."
"I'm still running my grill business out of my house," the former reality show participant said when asked about her most recent endeavours. In addition, I have done a grill programme that has not yet been shown. On the programme, I question celebrities about their honest opinions on the subject, and we also engage in other discussions about it. So far, I've worked on two films, and I want to build a real location for my company in the near future."

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- about 4 days ago

then its not bad let her do it there are strong



- about 4 days ago

and they are successful if she think she can do it



- about 4 days ago

i know of so many single ladies who are independen

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