Progress by Cherry Boy

posted by vicky684 about 8 months ago
Progress by Cherry Boy

with unity and progress
problem go sieze
we go progress with no stress
money too sweet
nah who no like black rolls-royce
make him go freeze
no forget us way broke small
when u go pick (2×)

unity and peace
we pray against voilence
we pray for better government
we no want condolence

oluwa men day street
we no won hear dem miss
we no won hear one man day down
we pray for better days
make peace no sieze to reign
make we sleep like babies
as we see each other today make we see
and no sorrow go follow
make glory day d story
so any thing we put our hands
go work like say nah juju
as the soup don ready
provide the fufu plenty
make all my niggaz ball
like tomorrow never ready

raining season iseeee
money go fall till day break
e go b like prison break
Dem go know say we day

those niggaz way been day street
for five years but Dem no pick
the news be say Dem don Rich
Dem money long like ostritch
arhh boss e shock u
u come check if nah true talk
shey nah u been day yab us
say we go broke till God comes.
u forget say nah grace work
no body knows tomorrow
those niga way been day broke
way no see where to lay head
fit come tomorrow come blow
u fit come be their tenant
make u no go day think am
do good to all your niggaz .

e be like tear gas
my progress made dem shade tears
every day don be exmas
who no go like to ball las
corizona talk am
say all legend day blemeless
I don join the que Sha
make no one yarn me nonsense

after d bag nah same bag
na who go like carry last
dat banny way been yarn me
nah she day call me last
but trust me I no foolish
nah who go pick the call
make we dance to d ringtone
now money don day come

I laugh in pigen
nah broke guys day speak English
I no get time for statement
hustle make u day talk less
now way u don progress
no forget Dem ur men
those niggaz need ur help
regard Dem some respect

no be cheat
no put eye for my biz
no carry ur matter come disturb me for my regiegn
as e don reach my turn
allow me to enjoy
why all ur nigaz progress day pain u like say nah gun

fashy fashy
fashy my matter sell
ur own matter day like iPhone way carry itel park
so make u pack
alaye no too cap

nah update way pass jazz
gimme money way too loud

nah gurl way gimme update
nah she go be my bea
if u no day cap watin I day cap make u fade
I no need too much stress
peace of mind nah for men
with unity and peace we go progress for street.

A Nigeria-based songwriter/rapper/afrobeat singer Cherry Boy is best known for his first single track titled PROGRESS with mind-blowing and inspiring lyrics , his music draws influence from artists like corizo Kaptain and Victor AD. IGWE ISAAC CHIGBO who is best known as CHERRY BOY hails from amaegu in ikwo Local government area Abakaliki ebonyi state , he was born on 24th November 1999. CHERRY BOY started his music career at the age of 17 where he performed in birthday parties of his friends and school parties After many years of performing on stage he decided to record his first single track titled PROGRESS which is gradually moving to it's peak as it is becoming people's favourite. To know more about cherry boy check his IG : CHERRY BOY or FB: CHERRY'S AWARENESS .

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