[Music] Lost in the crowd by Bigg Santti

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Lost in the crowd by Bigg Santti

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Yo , This is dedicated to every artist out there
Every upcoming ,Be it a rapper, Be it a singer
You are gonna make it. I know right now you don’t get the attention you really deserve
But, Trust me with time they’ll appreciate you
Never give up believing in yourself

Lost in the crowd screaming this words out loud
One day I’ll be something, lost till I’m found
Screaming my dreams out loud (one day i’ma make it )
One day I’ll be something

Currently hidden nobody listening
Low attention but I’m sure that I’ll make it
I see people wishing that they could be like me
But I’m me do your thing brother man you can’t be me
At times I’ll be like nigga I did a need a new song
And they are like shit you are disturbing nigga put that tv off
they know you are good but probably won’t admit it
But secretly put your song on another nigga playlist damn, ye that shit is funny
I see those niggas behind the curtains trynna learn the lyrics that I’m spitting
Here is your chance to hold me while you can
Few years from now trust me you’ll be lost in the crowd yeah
600,000 capacity my flow got speed and velocity
I’m up or down you can’t see me like Barry Allen you can’t catch me
So raw that’s fact thing things I don’t do I don’t dance
I sit in my room and hear trash rappers call me out and that’s bad They think I’m wrong but I’m so right

Lost in the crowd screaming these words out loud
One day I’ll be something, lost till I’m found
Screaming my dreams out loud, (i’ma make it )one day I’ll be something

Now I go shows and rap nobody knows my name
I’m stock with my bible on my knees I still pray for fame
I brought spice to the rap game this shit is crazy
I still wonder how this motherfuckers try to ignore me
Do you know how it feels to do a lot and receive less?
No you don’t I guess is true that nobody fucking cares
I’m done being calm I’m about to get worst
Nigga pour me water yeah my skin is getting hot
From bad to worst for better for worst I told myself
I send my flows into your soul I see them getting upset
Yes I’m out check me out on google oh no
I know no one will coz you’ve not seen me with Davido
The same reason girls leave D use dido is the same reason you guys ignore my fucking videos
Funny yeah but you’ve gotta really check me out
And I’ve been dropping mad flows you have to check me out Yeah

Trust me before I blow your mind I already blown mine
Am surprised as you I don’t know where I learn to rap
Funny you’ll make it believe in your self

What you cannot do for self
Someone else cannot do it for you.


Santiago Izekor popularly known by his stage name Bigg Santti is a Spanish-born Nigerian rapper, born on June 2, 2002.

Early Life

The Izekor family moved from Spain to Nigeria in 2007, where he attended Joy primary school in Idogbo Benin city and his secondary school education at Supreme Wisdom School in Lagos. Growing up, he has always loved rap music and later started making freestyle videos on youtube. In 2020 he released a track titled "Letter to Mama". He is currently not signed to any label.

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