[Music] If i die by Orduba

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If i die by Orduba

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"Since I am still breathing I want to pass this message, something about my life what the young nigga are passing through.
Don't know if I was cursed, maybe the world just hates me, I came from a poor family mother died when I was a baby, daddy never raise me well, praying for the future cuz i want to break the poor linage, didn't go to school because daddy never put me through, nevertheless, i gat a big dream about my future but nobody understands,no one to even care for me. that's why I left the house. push myself into the city, huzzling with d niggaz praying for better tomorrow, couldn't sleep,. my life is full of trouble. i have been trying to see a change but it's hard, i can not keep pretending.
See my life falling sick every day spending the little I have. How long will my misery stop?, I cry for help pls somebody helps me iam dying. wish i could see a better day tomorrow when everything will be fine" dear father if i die hope you understand?


Orduba is a nickname and also a stage name, His birth names are Aondohemba aker, Joseph.
(born 12/march/1992.), From the family of tse koriyon, mbajor, vandeikya L.G.A.benue state,
He resides in Aba. Orduba is a Hip hop rapper singer and songwriter. got his first record" massage for you".

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